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Mathieu GregoireNome: Mathieu Gregoire
País: Canadá
Introdução: My real name is Mathieu Grégoire. I'm a 25 years old man living in a little town in southern Quebec, a town called Thetford Mines. Since my 15 years old, I started travelling and fighting against inequalities and misinformation in general, always looking for the truth.

I am in love with humanity. I believe that we all want to create a better world and for me, the only way to do it is by creating links between each others. Never letting our governments or anyone dividing us as they often try to do it.

I began to photograph professionally towards the age of 22 years, understanding that it was really what I wanted to do in my life. Working with people, helping each others, discovering our world and every cultures, always meeting more and more people.
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Câmara: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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Nostalgic Reflection
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Title: Aylmer Lake - Disraeli, Quebec.Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Aylmer Lake - Disraeli, Quebec. (4)
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